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1. When will I be notified about Picture Day?ANSWERYour school should provide you with a minimum of two day picture notification. The information flyer is typically sent home with your child one-three weeks prior to Picture Day. This flyer includes package and pricing information along with an attached order form.2. Is there an adult available to help my child prepare for his or her picture?ANSWERPicture Day is a big day at school. Teachers and parent volunteers play an important role escorting classes to the camera and assisting the students with any grooming needs. Additionally, Sunset provides complimentary combs for students to help them look their best.3. How should my child prepare for Picture Day?ANSWERA great photograph starts with looking your best. Please read Picture Day Tips.4. Can I volunteer for Picture Day?ANSWERA great photograph starts with looking your best. Please read Picture Day Tips.5. My child wears glasses. How do we ensure a good picture?ANSWEROur photographers are trained to adjust lights and pose your child to minimize glass glare.6. What if my child is absent or sick on Picture Day?ANSWERYour child will have a second opportunity to be photographed on Retake Day. Your school will notify students of Retake Day. (Please note there is no Retake Day option with spring pictures.)7. What if I forget to send payment by the Fall Picture Day deadline?ANSWERYou may still order by choosing one of the following optionsOrder OnlineOrder by PhoneMail-in your order form8. What if I receive the incorrect package or no package at all?ANSWERIf the package you received is incorrect or you received no package at all, we’ll gladly assist you will correcting your order. Please contact us at 714-647-7608 were we can assist you further. We reserve the right after 15 days to refuse all orders that have not been thoroughly checked.9. What forms of payment are accepted?ANSWERWe accept all forms of payments, cash, money orders, checks, and all major credit cards are accepted.10. Can I get a copyright release on my child’s photograph?ANSWERYes, you may purchase a digital image cd with a copyright release. Without the actual copyright released cd, the image cannot be photocopied or reproduced without the company’s express written consent.11. I have already purchased fall school pictures. What is spring picture day?ANSWERThe fall portraits are a necessity for school Id's, yearbooks and other important administrative support products. Spring portraits offer the opportunity to have studio style portraits featuring contemporary backgrounds.12. How quickly are finished pictures returned?ANSWERYour child’s photographs will be delivered to the school approximately three weeks after Picture Day.13. What if I don’t like my child’s fall school pictures?ANSWERWe are extremely sorry that you were not satisfied with you picture. It is our intention that all portraits be given our highest quality. If you would like to have your portraits retaken please have your portraits package returned to the photographer the day of make-ups and a new set will be issued back to you. If after your new set has arrived and you are still unsatisfied, we may issue you a refund after picture package has been returned. Please follow these instructions very carefully for returns. Remove your classroom group photo or composite from your picture envelope. Class photos are not refund-able. Write on the picture envelope your name, address, phone number and the name of the school where the pictures were taken. Mail the entire package postage paid within 10 days of receipt of your portrait package to Sunset Photography Refunds Department, 827 S. Main St., Santa Ana, CA 92701. Please allow two weeks for refund to be processed. 

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