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Senior Portraits

Senior Year... You've made it!!!

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About Senior Portraits

The senior year is a momentous time in any student's life. It represents the culmination of many years of hard work. Yet it is not an end but a beginning. A starting point for the rest of one's life. Capture the significance of this special time with our customized Senior Portraits!

What sets us apart

We're not like most senior portrait studios. We don't have hidden fees. We don't charge additional costs for yearbook retouching. We have a one time fee and thats it. Call and ask how much lower our fees are, you'll be surprised.

Formal & Close Up

Professional portraits focus the attention on the face. Choosing the clothing is an important key in achieving the best portrait. Clothing should be simple in color and style. Avoid whites and pastel colors, these tend to create a look that makes the face appear pale or washed out. Medium to darker shades will draw attention to the face. Long sleeves should be worn (if possible) to keep the focus on the face and not the arms. Spaghetti straps and tops that show bare arms and shoulders tend to create a heavier look and draw attention away from the face.


This style of portrait allows a larger variety of clothing styles and colors. Many of these will be a full body pose so be sure to complete your look with shoes and accessories that compliment your outfit. Choose clothing that represents your unique style and personality. Whites and pastels create a soft look while blacks and dark colors will create a more dramatic look. Some ideas are: casual jeans or shorts, a favorite jacket, sports or cheerleading uniforms, a prom dress or suit.

Props & Accessories

Bring along your favorite props. Musical instruments, sports equipment, uniforms (sports, band, cheerleading, etc.), pets and friends are all great props. Remember to check all of your details, manicures, facial hair and accessories such as earrings, necklaces, belts, ties, shoes, and class rings. Be creative and have fun!

Follow these five easy steps

Schedule your photo session: Make sure you schedule your session with some extra time before portraits are due to your school. Then you won't be rushed in choosing outfits and practicing poses in the mirror.

Pick your styles: Make a list of who you'll be giving portraits to, and think about how you want those portraits to look. Do you want to do something creative for friends, and then something more traditional for family? It's totally up to you.

Plan your outfits: A couple of weeks before your session, start pulling together different outfits and choose accessories that show what you're all about.

Bring props: If you're an athlete, musician, or involved in other activities or hobbies, are there props you'd like to include in your portraits?

Be yourself: Be true to the real you, and plan on having a great time!



If you would like to know more about how we can help with your school portraits. Give us a call!
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